The Dholshow – Sat 17.30

Dholshow logo

Mind-blowing Indian drumming at it’s very best! The Dholshow includes a traditional Punjabi stage set plus a fusion set mix of English and Punjabi music. 

With over 18 years’ experience in the industry, the founder of The Dholshow, Dr Harbinder Singh Dewgun, has made it his mission to form the most prestige Dhol group and Academy around. First launched in 2007, under the name of Paragon Dhol Academy, his aim is to pass on his talent, passion and knowledge to the next generation of Dhol players.

The creation, so far, is a world renowned Dhol Academy who teach over 25 members on a weekly basis. The Dholshow consist of professional Dhol entertainers providing energetic and memorable performances for their audiences! The Dholshow is Dhol entertainment at its finest! See for yourselves!