We want to ensure that everyone has a great day, but also that everyone has a safe day too. Please respect the following points:
• M@C is being held on a commercial site. Please stay (and ensure children stay) within the roped off areas
• First Aid cover is situated near the field entrance.
• If any child becomes separated from their parents, then please take them to the Control Centre by the entrance. An announcement will be made on the public address system for their parents.
• Only people wearing an adult ticket wristband will be served at the beer tent. Staff may ask to see your wristband. Please co-operate if asked.
• Dogs on leads are welcome in the field. Dogs must not be left in vehicles and mess cleared up immediately
•At Music at the Crossroads no alcohol or glass bottles are to be brought onto the event site. Persons under 18 must not buy alcohol from M@C outlets. Soft drinks are available from various outlets. Please remember this is a family event and anyone deemed to be acting inappropriately may be evicted.
• Please ensure that all litter—particularly food and bottle-tops are disposed of in the bins provided.
• Open Fires and Barbeques are not permitted.
• Once the music has finished at 11.30 pm please leave the field promptly.
• If walking back to the village, campsite or the car park after the event please take extra care and arrive home safely.

We have taken precautions to ensure the safety of the public. Admission is on the condition that the public agrees and undertakes to absolve the promoters and organisers and any other person connected herewith from all liability for any injury to any person or damage to any property during the event. Please act on any instructions from the stewards where and whenever required. We reserve the right to refuse admission and to ask members of the public to leave the site if these instructions are ignored.
Thank you & have a great day!